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Studio Caribe is a prominent creative agency specializing in exceptional visual content solutions for luxury hospitality. Founded by Diana Baldera, a talented photographer and artist, and Tatiana Sánchez, an architect, photographer, and business expert, the agency represents a perfect fusion of artistic creativity and technical expertise.


With over 15 years of combined experience in photography and videography, Studio Caribe delivers top-quality work that exceeds client expectations. The journey began in editorial publishing and fashion, where the team honed their skills and developed a profound understanding of aesthetics and visual storytelling in Caracas, Venezuela. In 2015, they found a perfect spot in the Caribbean, specifically in the Dominican Republic, where they nurtured invaluable client relationships.


Today, Studio Caribe is based in the stunning luxury destination of Los Cabos, Mexico, and proudly serves prestigious hotels among its clientele in all Mexico. The studio's portfolio includes diverse visual content for the luxury hospitality industry, including lifestyle, architecture, travel, food, and aerial photography.


Driven by a deep passion for visual storytelling, Studio Caribe goes above and beyond, leaving no detail overlooked in its pursuit of excellence. Committed to providing the highest quality, dynamic, and inspiring visual content, Studio Caribe strives to create seamless partnerships and collaborates with international creators to bring visions to life. With a dedication to elevating brands' visual narratives and making impactful connections worldwide, Studio Caribe continues to set new standards in the creative industry.

Tatiana Sanchez

Tatiana Sánchez, a visionary architect turned creative entrepreneur, co-founded Studio Caribe. With an impressive career in architecture and valuable experience running successful companies, Tatiana's passion for storytelling through photography and video has played a crucial role in Studio Caribe's remarkable success. Under her leadership, the studio has earned a reputation for delivering exceptional results, seamlessly blending artistic vision with technical expertise. Born in Santiago de Chile, and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, her journey has taken her to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and now to the fantastic location of Los Cabos, Mexico. Tatiana remains committed to pushing the boundaries of creativity and continually seeks new ways to elevate Studio Caribe's impact on the visual arts and marketing landscape.

Diana Baldera

Hi! My name is Diana. I was born and raised in Venezuela as the youngest child of a Dominican family. While I initially pursued a degree in Mass Communication for practical reasons, my journey took an unexpected turn, and I found my true passion in photography. For over 15 years, I have been immersed in Visual Communication, crossing borders between portrait, lifestyle, architecture, food, and landscape photography. My approach spans a spectrum from art to advertising, allowing me to transcend both creative and geographical boundaries.


In addition to my photography journey, I am a dedicated videographer and visual artist. Through the medium of motion and visual composition, I continually explore fresh forms of expression. This artistic exploration has led me to work in various countries, including Venezuela, Spain, Dominican Republic, and Mexico, where I’m currently living and had found my home—a place that masterfully melded my appreciation for diverse cultures, my professional work, and a daily life that fuels my inspiration. 

Gala Garrido
Colorist & Digital Editor

Gala Garrido has cultivated distinct expertise in colorism, editing, and digital post-production within the domains of photography and video. Her professional journey has taken her to projects for esteemed international clients across diverse urban landscapes, including New York, Amsterdam, Madrid, and Mexico. Gala's expansive experience spans various formats, from short films and commercials to music videos, corporate branding initiatives, digital campaigns, and even avant-garde art ventures.


At the heart of each endeavor, Gala weaves an unwavering emphasis on visual storytelling, intricately weaving messages that resonate with impact and resonance. Guided by an innate command of color theory, she deftly crafts atmospheres and ambiances that fortify the narrative's essence. Gala's inherent motivation propels her to continually delve into novel techniques and embrace mixed media, ceaselessly elevating her creativity realms.


Fueled by an unquenchable passion for the audiovisual realm, Gala's persistent dedication to her craft has yielded an exceptional skill set, setting her apart as a dynamic professional committed to excellence in every venture she embarks upon. With a readiness to confront novel challenges head-on, Gala perpetually endeavors to advance her expertise and flourish as an evolving force within the field.

AlexMor + Seache
Music Producers

Alejandro Sánchez (aka Alex Mor) is a Venezuelan-American, singer-songwriter and producer  graduated from Berklee College of Music with dual degrees in "Film Scoring" and "Music Production & Arrangement" specializing in jazz, pop, rock, and orchestral music.


Based in Los Angeles, CA, began his professional career composing music for the documentary "Dreams of Freedom," which was recognized in 2010 by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences with a Suncoast Emmy Award in the "Human Interest" category.


Alex creates music as an artist and composes for films and commercials brands such as Toyota, Subway, Carvana, and Sprint. He also participated in the production team for The Voice (USA) in 2019 and 2020, creating musical tracks for the show.


Carlos Hernán Pinzón (aka "Seache") is a Colombian musician, composer, and producer graduated from Berklee College of Music in film scoring and contemporary production/arrangements, with a minor in orchestral conducting. Based in Los Angeles, CA, his expertise in intricate folklore fusion arrangements, orchestral music, contemporary production, and songwriting for fellow artists.

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