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Studio Caribe provides a complete visual content solution. We have the resources, skills, and industry-specific experience necessary to produce, create and deliver projects in the hospitality industry. 


For creating iconic visual content for Leading Hotels, Restaurants, travel, and destination brands, we combine experience and expertise in hotel sectors with the direct client and independent boutique properties to deliver exceptional visual content for luxury and lifestyle.


The two founders of Studio Caribe: Diana Baldera & Tatiana Sanchez, bring together a remarkable set of complementary skills, know-how, creative flair, and a combined 15 years of experience producing stills and moving image brands.


Our experience is complete because we have collaborated for a long time in the editorial publishing and fashion sectors, which has given us significant expertise in what we do today in visual content for the hospitality sector, lifestyle, architecture, gastronomy, and aerial images.


As a collective, we function as one. Collaborating seamlessly with our clients and global creative partners in a service-focused workflow, we deliver the highest quality, inspiring, and dynamic visual content. 

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